Biodanza’s theoretical model was inspired by clinical experiences with psychiatric patients.

In 1965, being a teaching member of the Center for Medical Anthropology Studies of the School of Medicine of the
University of Chile, I did the first research with music and dance at the Santiago Psychiatric Hospital.

Scientific models are constantly evolving.
The permanent confrontation of the model with its natural exterior implies partial and sometimes fundamental modifications.

Ptolemy’s model of the universe, for example, was superseded by that of Kepler and Galileo; this was perfected by Newton’s and, later, by Einstein’s, Eddington’s and others.

The theoretical model of Biodanza has undergone modifications through 40 years of confrontation with reality.

We have adjusted its terms and discovered new relationships between emotion and health. However, it retains its original structure.

Over time, I have been able to accurately record autonomic responses, behavioral changes, and changes in lifestyle.

We have made measurements of psychomotor, neurovegetative, endocrine and immunological performance.

The systematic study of the evolutionary process of the students, within the five lines of human potential, has been our permanent concern. The theoretical model of Biodanza is currently very sophisticated and allows its application not only to normal people, but also to patients with different clinical conditions. (Rolando Toro Araneda)