The text above has been quoted from the the works elaborated by the Professor Rolando Toro,
made for teachers’ training course of Biodanza System®.

I defined the concept of “vital unconscious” as a proposal, referring it to the cellular psychism.
There is a form of psychism concerning organs, tissues and cells that follows a global sense of self-conservation.
The vital unconscious creates phenomenon of cells solidarity, creation of tissues, immunity and in all successfully manifestation
of the living system.

The care act will be conceived as a movement to recover this vital syntony with the universe.

The unconscious layers
Let’s examine briefly the three unconscious layers.

1-Personal Unconscious: described by Freud
2-Collective Unconscious: described by Jung
3-Vital Unconscious: described by Rolando Toro

The three layers of Unconscious are in communication between them through “transition thresholds”.

The process which leads from personal history to the archetype is linked up with the personal and collective unconscious.

The process which leads from the archetype to the biological integration system through integrative dances is linked up with the
collective and vital unconscious.

Vital Unconscious is nourished by the cosmic memory and it puts in order the matter (proteinous chains, organic systems) based
on a programming that can or not generate stable organic systems.

Biodanza® works especially with the Vital Unconscious, condition that allows a very effective action in the deeper layer of the
human living system.
Starting from vivencias it begins a cosmic adventure sailing with unknown rout, to optimized ways of life.

The Vital Unconscious expresses itself through the endogenous humour, the coenaesthetic wellbeing and the global health.

The access modalities to Vital Unconscious are:

· Vivencias of communication and encounter
· Caresses and erotism
· Plays (good humour and laugh)
· Diet
· Connection with nature
· Cosmic ecstasy
· Regression trough suspension trance
· Mediumship to get identified with the music through the dance
· Massage directed to coenaesthetical feelings rather than to body muscles
· Sea bath
· Mud bath
· Regression trough aquatic Biodanza
· Wake up instincts through primitive dance

Vivencia is the main road to the Vital Unconscious

The desire of living

The desire of living comes, neither from the conceptual thoughts nor from the conscious will, but it comes from cells psychism.

In cells it lays a surviving quality, an longevity indication relied to the desire of living.

The desire of living can be felt when genetic potentials are expressed.

The depression is the exhaustion of this life impulse, the loss of motivations to go on living.

The stimulation of the five genetic potential groups expression five lines of vivencia), is a way to have a positive influence on Vital Unconscious.