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Rolando Toro Araneda

Rolando Toro AranedaRolando Toro Araneda: 
Creator of Biodanza System

Rolando Toro Mario Araneda was born in Conception, Chile, on April the 19th in 1924.

He qualified as an elementary teacher at the Normal School “José Abelardo Nunez”, in Santiago in 1943. He taught inValparaiso, Talcahuano, Pocuro and Santiago (Chile), between 1944 and 1957.

In 1964 he graduated at the Psychology School of Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile.

He obtained the chair of Arts and Expressions Psychology at the Aesthetics Institute of the Catholic University of Chile, heworked as university teacher at the Medical Anthropology Centre, in the Medicine School of the University of Chile.

He carried out research on unconscious and about spread states of consciousness. He was nominated Honorary Professor of theInteramerican Open University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Between 1968 and 1973 he started his first experience with Biodanza (at that time called psicodanza). He applied this system in the Psychiatric Hospital of Santiago and in the Aesthetics Institute of Catholic University of Chile.

Later he lived in Chile, Argentina, Brasil and Italy.

Rolando Toro is also poets and painter. He published many poems and psychotherapy books. He also realized painting exhibition in Brasil and Italy.


According to Rolando Toro, poetry is his most intimate profession.






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