How can our potentiality be developed?

We find the way towards health through the expression of our genetic potential.
To Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza System, this potential can be expressed following the trail of five universal functions
common to everybody which are summarized in five big groups called Lines of Vivencia.

increase of joie de vivre, vital impetus (disposable energy to act), motor integration, neurovegetative balance.

to whet the desire source, increase the pleasure, connection with the sexual identity, decrease of sexual

the ability to express, innovate and build.

the ability to create links with other people through love, friendship, altruism, empathy.

connection with nature, sense of belonging to the universe.

During one’s life, people develop these five fundamental functions.

Without any doubt, many people make some functions stronger than others and hardly ever they express the totality of their
potential, because of the obstacles met in the original expression.

Biodanza works developing the unused functions to integrate them entirely and harmonize them with the other ones.