The International Biodanza Federation is the world federation of National Associations of the worldwide Schools of Biodanza Rolando Toro System.

Its registered office is in Via Rubbiani n.5 in Bologna in Italy and its social structure establishes a General Assembly representing all the federated associations, a Federal Council elected by the Assembly and a President who is its legal representative.

The IBF Federation is a democratic, non-profit association.

The specific object of the IBF Federation is the international representation of federated associations and the safeguarding, protection, development, dissemination and operation of the Biodanza System.

For this purpose, the Federation will carry out the following activities:

– elaborate and develop plans and strategies at an international level for the dissemination, development and recognition of the Biodanza System;

– recognize the currently existing Biodanza Schools and establish and regulate the opening of new Biodanza Schools, as well as the appointment and replacement of their respective directors, in agreement with the corresponding national associations;

– issue the Biodanza Facilitator Diploma to students who have regularly completed the prescribed training course and thus recognize your power to freely promote and conduct Biodanza courses and groups all over the world. The diploma will be issued at the same time as the enrollment of the titled student in the World Register of Biodanza Facilitators and under license issued to the student by the Director of the corresponding Training School;

– elaborate and produce the training texts, the official catalog of music and exercises and the regulatory regulations of the Biodanza Training Schools, guaranteeing the uniformity of the training course in all schools in the world and its compliance with originality and orthodoxy methodological of the System;

– authorize new Extensions and Applications of Biodanza, or revoke existing ones;

– supervise the deontological correspondence of facilitators, teaching professors (Didactas) and school directors recognized by the IBF in the Theoretical Model of Biodanza and in the Biocentric Principle;

– organize and plan, in coordination with the national associations, the training courses for teaching professors (Didactas) of Biodanza;

– promote Biodanza Congresses and International Meetings. The designation of the locations will be the responsibility of the Federal Assembly, which will choose from the proposals presented by the various associations. Any national and international Biodanza events not organized directly by the IBF can nevertheless obtain the patronage of the Federation when their value for the dissemination and promotion of Biodanza is recognized by the Federal Council;

– authorize the establishment of Centers for Development and Scientific and Cultural Investigation related to Biodanza and Biocentric Education and their integration in the various social, scientific and cultural fields;

– promote and disseminate Biodanza, the Biocentric Principle and Biocentric Education through publications, events, conferences, information dissemination tools, the world wide web and social networks in order to reach the widest audience in the world.

These are the Associations federated to the International Biodanza Federation