A very brief explanation about the ways in which Biodanza is practiced:


All Biodanza activities take place in groups. Biodanza is not an individual activity.


Weekly courses
They are open to all and take place on a weekly basis, lasting about two hours. They are used to gradually deepen Biodanza, progressively rooting its beneficial effects. They can be attended (according pleasure) for a few months, but also for a many years.


Internships / Workshops
They are open to all, generally take place on weekends and last one or two days. They are used to deepen specific issues of Biodanza or to allow a “full immersion” in this discipline. It is advisable to combine them with the attendance of a weekly course.


Biodanza in the social fields
Specific Biodanza activities are proposed in various particular areas: health clinic, in residences for the elderly, with children and adolescents, in recovery from drug addiction, in support of women victims of violence, in companies, in prisons, etc. These activities take place within specific projects together with the operators of each corresponding sector.

Teacher training
Biodanza teachers are defined as Facilitators. Their training follows a unique program for the whole world, takes place in training module on a monthly basis and lasts about three years. At the end of the training there is also an internship period supervised by an expert Facilitator. All this allows you to rely with full confidence on the teachers of Biodanza titled by the International Biodanza Federation.