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Biodanza is the circle of life
Biodanza is creativity
Ability to renew applied to one's life, that is, to put creativity into every action.
Biodanza is transcendence
Connection with nature, with the universe and with the totality of life: we are all one.
Biodanza is affectivity
Ability to give protection; acceptance of human diversity, without discrimination.
Biodanza is vitality
Potential for balance, homeostasis, biological harmony;
vital impetus, energy that the individual puts into encountering the world.
Biodanza is the pleasure of living
In an embrace we discover the wonder of being alive.

Events and congresses

Congreso Mundial 2022

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Due to the current global pandemic, no international meetings or events are planned at this time.

"Biodanza is the poetics
of human encounter"

Rolando Toro Araneda

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