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Applications and Extensions of Biodanza

Training in applications and extensions of biodanza

Applications: the biodanza system applied to special groups, for this reason it’s necessary a specific methodology in connection
with psychosomatic medicine, rehabilitation, education and psychotherapy.

The extentions, that are personal development works, use many different themes such as: archaic themes, archetypical
situations, creative proposals and transpersonal psychology.

Biodanza is a complex adaptive system and it is really fruitful thanks to the philosophic genesis, the principle of biocentrism, its
standing relation with life as origin and orientation.

To study the applications and the extensions of Biodanza it is necessary to be a Biodanza teacher.
The duration changes depending to the specialization.

Applications of Biodanza:

· Clinical Biodanza: it is used as a complementary medicine for special groups with clinical changes.

Speciality in Clinical Biodanza:

· Biodanza and psychosomatic disorders
· Biodanza and mental health
· Biodanza and visual deficiency
· Biodanza and audibility deficiency
· Biodanza and gerontology
· Biodanza and hypertension
· Biodanza and motor disorders
· Biodanza for pregnant women
· Biodanza for drug addiction
· Biodanza for obesity, anorexia, bulimia

· Education for biocentrism: it is an education philosophy where life is the centre of any reflection and it sees the man as a
“relational, ecological and cosmic” one. This kind of image of man can be acquired by the development of affectivity, the
amplification of perception and by the ethic consciousness expansion.

· System of biocentrism for organizations: it is a special methodology which aim is to only carry Biodanza to theinstitutions,
but to know their language and structures. The ability to do diagnosis about human relationships problems.

Other applications:

· Biodanza for couples
· Biodanza for groups
· Biodanza for awkward adolescents
· Extensions of Biodanza:

They are personal development works using different themes:

- the archaic themes in archetypical situations linking Greek and oriental legends and archaic ceremonies.
- Creative proposals as Biodanza in poetry, plastic arts, theatre, dance, sing and musical composition.
- Transpersonal psychology, biodanza is associated to the essential perception, ecstasy condition and the consciousness

Extentions of Biodanza:

· Minotauro Project
· Aquatic Biodanza
· Four elements
· Self-image and self-esteem
· The wishes tree
· Biodanza and voice
· Biodanza massage
· Contact education
· Biodanza and clay
· Deep masculinity and femininity
· Biodanza in nature
· Creativity lab
· Argonauta mission
· Neo- sciamanismo
· The ecstasy ways
· The return of Dionisio
· The paradise garden
· The rebirth
· The research of the unknown
· The circle of archetype
· The premonition of the angel
· Dancing I Ching
· Biodanza and tarot
· Proyecto Evolución
· Le Coeur de la Transformation





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