The Biocentric principle finds its inspiration in the intuition of a universe organized in function of life and it consists in a proposal of reformulation of cultural values whose referent is the respect for life.

Biocentric principle proposes the strengthening of life and the expression of its evolutive powers.
From this point of view, Biodanza is poetical of human being, based on universal laws that conserves and lets the evolution of
life. Every action of Biodanza are oriented in accord with the deep and touching phenomenon of life.

Biodanza uses a vivencia methodology. Giving more importance to the real experience than the verbal information, it allows to
start the internal transformation without the intervention of repression mental processes.

Let’s attend to the visionary thought of Alberto Schweitzer: “thinking about life I feel the obligation
to respect every will of life around me, to be like my life”.

The fundamental idea of good is that it consists in preserving life, favouring and conducting it to the its higher value; and that
the evil consists in pollute, bless and put limits to its flowering.

The biocentric principle focus its attention in a universe conceived as a living system. The kingdom of life is more than
vegetables, animals and human beings. All the existing things, from neutrino to quasar, from stone to the keener thought, is
part of prodigious living system.

According to the Biocentric principle the universe exists in order to make life to exist and not the contrary.